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Technical University Sofia

Founded on October 15, 1945 as part of the Higher Technical School (later renamed State Polytechnic), it has been an independent institution since 1953, when the Polytechnic was divided into four separate technical institutes


It has its current name and university status since July 21st, 1995 and has 14 main faculties based in Sofia, Plovdiv and Sliven, as well as 3 others with teaching only in foreign languages ​​- German, English and French.


Application to TU-Sofia is open to foreign students with a high school diploma, which allows them access to higher education institutions in the respective countries where they completed their high school education.


For studying in Bulgaria in the field of engineering or technology, Technical University Sofia is the place to be.

Technical University Sofia logo


  • Automation
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energetic engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics and technology engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer systems and technologies
  • Transport
  • Economics
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering (French)
  • Engineering (English)

Tuition fees

2700 - 3500 Euros per year depending on your chosen course and your nationality

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