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Medical University Sofia

Founded by decree of His Majesty Tsar Ferdinand in 1917 as the Faculty of Medicine of Sofia University, it is a public university.


This university is recognized as an internationally renowned research center.


The university has access to 13 hospitals for the practical training of its students


Application to Medical University Sofia is open to international students who hold a secondary school diploma, and have a grade of at least 4 (Good) in biology and chemistry in their secondary education diploma


Please note there is an entry exam for this university



Study Dentistry at Medical University Sofia

Tuition Fees

Studies in English

  • Medicine and Dental medicine: 8000 Euro per year.

  • Pharmacy: 6000 Euro per year.

Studies in Bulgarian

  • Medicine and Dental medicine: 7000 Euro per year.

  • Pharmacy: 5000 Euro per year.


  • Medicine
  • Dental Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Public health

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