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Frequently Asked Questions

Registering on our website is completely free. We will never ask you for money to register or to download documents

Not only do you not pay to register, there is also no commitment.
We make the initial consultation free of charge as well.

We have a fee schedule which we will happily share with you once you have registered. For information, the fees depend on the selected service (standard vs premium), the country, etc...

The advantage of being based in the EU is the obligation to observe GDPR compliance.
With GDPR your personal data and your rights are protected.
For more information, please refer to our privacy policy

Our simple process

Your experience matters to us. We understand your time is valuable so we make the process as short as possible.

Simplicity and clarity - The Weke way

How Weke works


Register by filling out the form below. And book your free consultation.
The consultation is free and non-committal.

Weke Consultation


This is where we kick off and get to know each other. During this consultation, we discuss your requirements and provide you with a list of documents to submit

Search for University in Eastern Europe


This is a major part of the process and a critical success factor. The Weke team will analyse the documents you submitted and start searching for the most suitable universities. We might contact you during this process

Apply for the your chosen university in eastern Europe


Once we have agreed the course, the country and the fees, we sign an contract and begin the application process to get you accepted at the university you have chosen to study at in Eastern Europe

Supporting you through your studies in eastern Europe

Continued Support

Final steps, we assist you with your visa application, enrolment at the university and offer continued support. For us this is just the beginning. 
We will continue to assist you throughout your time as a student in Eastern Europe