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Study in Bulgaria

Studying and living in Bulgaria has never been so easy

Learn all about Bulgaria, chose the perfect course from the best university. And let Weke guide you all the way

Why study in Bulgaria?

Located in the region known as the Balkans, Bulgaria is a nation with a varied landscape encompassing the Black Sea coastline, a mountainous interior and rivers including the Danube.

Bulgaria has a little less than 7 million inhabitants on an area of ​​111,002 km². It has been part of the European Union since 2007

It is within this framework that you will have the chance to participate in many mobility and exchange programs with different foreign and partner Bulgarian Universities

Bulgaria map

By choosing to study in Bulgaria, you will enjoy all the advantages of a strong educational system, European degrees, affordable living costs, excellent career opportunities and a beautiful Bulgarian environment steeped in history, culture, folklore and delicious food.

Bulgaria offers the innumerable advantages of an excellent standard of higher education and European life. By studying in Bulgaria, you will be studying in Europe, which will provide you with a good foundation for future careers around the world. Bulgarian higher education institutions are in partnership with many universities in western Europe and beyond.

Bulgarian education is renown in many scientific fields such as medicine, mathematics, technical (engineering and architecture), chemistry, biology, linguistics, agriculture, etc.

If you want to study agriculture, the Land of Roses is the perfect place!

If you are interested in history, Bulgaria, the birthplace of some of Europe's earliest civilizations, offers a suitable location for anyone interested in ancient cultures. Learn linguistics in the birthplace of Cyrillic.

International students receive a high standard of education, a degree that is fully recognized around the world, a wide range of fields of study, and very reasonable tuition and living expenses.

How much money will you need to live on?

On average, life in Bulgaria is 55-60% cheaper than in northern and western Europe.

The cost of living in Bulgaria is about 47% lower than in the United States.
The Bulgarian currency is the Lev with a fixed exchange rate: 1 EUR = 1 95583 BGN. 

  • Shared rental - 80 EUR to 150 EUR /month
  • Private accommodation / Rental – 130 EUR to 300 EUR / month
  • Dorms on campus – 60 EUR to 85 EUR / month
  • Food (canteen/grocery store/restaurant) – 100 EUR to 300 EUR/month
  • Car maintenance (after purchase) – around 100 EUR / month
  • Gas, Electricity – 40 EUR to 60 EUR / month
  • Telephone and internet – 20 EUR to 40 EUR/month
  • Medical insurance – from 12 EUR / month
  • Public transport – 10 to 30 EUR/month
  • National transport - a train or bus ticket for a distance of 300 km costs around 15-20 EUR
  • Leisure - 200 EUR / month

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are different for EU citizens and non-EU citizens:

  • EU citizens : tuition fees are between 300 EUR and 1,700 EUR per year depending on the university and the city.
  • Non-EU citizens : tuition fees are between 1,750 EUR and 4,000 EUR per year depending on the university and the city.

Tuition fees for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy (full-time) are between 5,500 and 8,000 EUR per academic year.

Study programs in the Bulgarian language cost almost 500 EUR less than programs in a foreign languages. We will help with the research as prices differ per university, city, etc..

Tuition Fees in Bulgaria

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