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Mining and Geology University

"St. Ivan Rilski" University of Mining and Geology is the sole higher education institute in Bulgaria, providing high-quality education in the field of research, extraction and processing of mineral and energy raw materials.

During its seventy (70) year history, MGU "St. Ivan Rilski" has trained more than 30,000 Bulgarian specialists and foreign citizens from almost 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Central America.

MGU “St. Ivan Rilski” is a training and research center, which trains engineers in geological, mining and electromechanical specialties, basic and applied research is conducted and all forms of postgraduate qualification are carried out.

MGU is an educational, research and administrative center that meets the modern requirements of leading European and world universities - from doctoral programs, through training and laboratory facilities, to extensive international contacts with universities, research institutes and leading mining companies around the world.


Fully Equipped labs at MGU Sofia


  • Mining Technology
  • Mining and Electromechanics
  • Geology


Tuition Fees

2500 - 3500 Euro per year

Depending on the course and the city

Class in session - Study mining in Bulgaria

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