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Who we are

Based in Eastern Europe with representations in Africa, Weke Education is subsidiary of the Weke Ltd group. 
Weke Education was created in 2020, with the aim of offering a quality service to future foreign students.
We are the reference for your studies in Eastern Europe


At Weke, our global vision is to contribute to Africa's growth and development by leveraging the expertise and potential of Eastern Europe. 
Education is one way to achieve that!


Our mission is simple:
We make applying for university a simple, safe and enjoyable experience. We aim to create a happy, successful, eastern-Europe educated community


That's our DNA

Meet the Team

CEO, Weke Ltd
With many years of experience in management of multinational organizations, Mo is the founder and CEO of the Weke Group. After his master's degree in computer science, he worked in telecommunications before leading the operations of the largest global electronic invoicing network. It was following an exercise of relocation to Bulgaria that the idea of socio-economic and cultural rapprochement of Africa and Eastern Europe was born. Hence Weke!!!
Jonathan KALENGA
CTO, Weke Ltd
Having landed in Bulgaria from his native Congo to pursue university studies, Jonathan is co-founder of Weke Education and CTO of the Weke Group. After earning his Master's degree in engineering at Sofia Technical University, with a job offer at Microsoft, Jonathan realized the potential of Eastern European countries and consequently, wanted to simplify and improve the experience of future candidates for higher education. No one understands better the process to study in Eastern Europe Hence Weke!!!
VIP, Weke Family
Yes YOU! Weke is not just an organization that helps student to come study in Eastern Europe. We are aiming farther and deeper than that. The focal point of our mission is to create a community. You are therefore part of the team. You will participate in our quarterly gatherings to brainstorm on how we could improve our service. We will consult you to share your experience of studying and living in Bulgaria or Romania And most importantly we expect to see you at our end of semester party (organized and paid for by Weke). At Weke we are a family